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Become a Partner

Are you looking for a mobile repair partner or mobile repair service provider for your business?

We are a fast growing Australian local business with hundreds of affiliate and drop of points. Our success story could be yours too, join the happy family of affiliates and partners to gain additional income for you. IQuickFix offers two types of partnership programs:

Corporate Program

Our corporate program is for businesses in need of repairs for their mobile phones. If you are a company with over 10 staff dealing with challenges associated with broken or damage mobile phones and service delay, IQuickFix is perfect choice for your needs. We offer corporate contract for company over 10 staff to offer discounted rate, fast mobile repair service and onsite repair to keep your staff connected without any delay. To become our corporate client all you have to do is to decide the level of service you need, response time and authorize contact person to confirm service request for your staff. Rest assure anytime one of your staff has broken screen or other mobile issues we will be available to fix the problem in no time dealing directly with your staff without additional administration on your end. If the mobile phone repair is complex and require longer than 30 minutes we will issue a loan phone for your staff within no time free of cost.

Affiliate & Referral Program

Our affiliates & referral program is ideal for individual customers and corporates interested in either getting discount on their repairs or commission by referring their friends, colleague and staff to us. We offer partnerships to companies such as schools, charities and other businesses, so if you are business looking for service provider that can offer discount rates and provide fast and efficient service for your staff mobile phones you came to the right website. All your phones are fixed at either a discounted price as agreed upon in the agreement or referral commission will be transfer to your bank account at the end of each month. To get started all you have to do is fill in the form and one of our corporate sale staff will contact you shortly.

Selling Our Services

This is a perfect offer for small medium businesses in related industry to expand their revenue by offering our services under white label model to their customers. If you are Mobile phone dealer, computer repair shop or any other local business interested in selling mobile repair services IQuikFix is perfect partner for you. As a partner you will have access to our database system, information resources and partner support line. You book your customers repair, we will pick up from your location, fix it and return it back to you. As white label partner you will get discounted repair rate and you are free to setup your own price list for your customers.

How to Become a Partner?

For more information on how to become our valued partner contact us on 1300 368 599 or fill in the enquiry form.