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Become a Mobile Phone Technician

Do You Want to Learn How to Fix Mobile Phones & Tablets?

IQuickFix is not just your mobile phone, tablet and laptop repair partner but more than that. We are not just another mobile repair company but a leader in the industry. We are a business with a purpose and that purpose is training the best mobile repair technicians for the future to service growing industry. This is why at IQuickFix we provide opportunity for those interested in becoming the future mobile repair technicians. We offer technician training courses for basic level and advance level.

Basic Level Training

The basic level training is offered to individuals who have the desire to learn and become mobile phone technician but do not have any prior knowledge. We take you through the theoretical aspects of the skill set then put you through thorough practical training. We give you the very best and by the time you graduate from us, you are qualified and certified to perform all level 1 and 2 repairs.

Advanced Level Training

This type of training is offered to individuals who already completed basic level training or pass the RPL for their prior learning or experience. This training is an advance level course cover in depth theoretical and practical knowledge of complex mobile repair troubleshooting and fault rectification. We give you a professional outlook of the business and school you in all kinds of repair work, both theoretically and practically. The end result is a highly skilled technician with the right knowledge, skill and technique to handle any repair work he/she is put to.

IQuickFix technician training program is the right choice for anyone willing to become a mobile technician or start their own mobile repair business.

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