Samsung Mobile Phone Repair

IQuickFix Samsung Mobile Phone And Tablet Repair Services

At IQuickFix, we offer repair services as well as unlocking services for a wide range of Samsung mobile phones and tablets including;

  1. All variants of the Samsung Galaxy S Series 
  2. All variants of the Samsung Note Series
  3. All variants of the Samsung A Series
  4. All variants of Samsung Galaxy J Series
  5. All variants of Samsung  tablets among others.

We also provide repair services for all makes and models of Samsung laptops.

The type of repair services you can expect from our qualified professionals at IQuickFix include, but are definitely not limited to;

  • Replacing broken mobile phone screen
  • Repairing phones spoilt due to damage by liquids
  • Original quality battery replacements
  • Repair of phones with power use, maintenance and sustenance problems
  • Repairing phones with all kinds of volume issues, for instance caller volume or media volume
  • Repair of phones with network connectivity issues
  • Replacing phone buttons/ keys
  • Repairing camera issues
  • Replacing the mouth and ear pieces, among so many others



Why Choose IQuickFix Samsung Mobile Repair

Three Months Warranty on all Repairs

IQuickFix have a dedicated team of professionals who are eager to provide round the clock service for you. We pride ourselves in offering quality service and as such we only use quality parts to fix your Samsung mobile phone or tablet. You can therefore be guaranteed that the quality of your phone or tablet will remain above board. We do not aim to reap you off your money by fixing sub-standard parts on your phone or tablet only to have you return it a week or two later with more problems than when you first brought it in. For this reason, and not just to assure you of our level of quality but also because we are confident of it, we offer you a three month warranty on all repairs on your Samsung mobile phone or tablets regardless of how tiny the repair might have been.

We Come to you to Fix your Phone

The unique feature that makes us outshine the competition is our service delivery systems. Sometimes a client is held up and cannot, for one reason or the other, bring in his/ her phone or tablet at the shop for repair. In such instances, we offer one of our highly qualified professionals to come to you wherever you may be so that he/she can repair your Samsung phone or tablet. Aside from that we of course have a drop and pick up service. Where you leave your phone or tablet with us and pick it up later after it has been repaired. Be that as it may, since we know that your time as our client is valuable, all Samsung repairs at IQuickFix take not more than 30 minutes. You therefore get your phone or tablet the same day that you brought it in. Yet another unique service delivery system at IQuickFix is the use of the Australia Post. Through it, we can pick up your Samsung phone or tablet from anywhere in Australia, repair it and have it returned back to you.

Competitive Price Guarantee

Our prices, in spite of the fact that we uphold quality standards in all our services, are still very fair and relatively competitive. Compared with other mobile repair shops, that do not provide services half as good as our shop, you will no doubt find that our prices are not that far off from our competitors. In some instances, they might even be cheaper than those of the competition.

IQuickFix is your valued partner in the repair of your faulty Samsung mobile phone or tablet. With quality assurance and service at heart we look forward to giving you the very best. In case you have a Samsung device including Galaxy and Galaxy Edge that needs fixing, we are located on 45 Good St, Granville NSW 2142. For more information or to book your repair call us on 1300 369 599 or Book Online.