Phone unlocking

Get your Phone Unlock

At IQuickFix we have the valued expertise of repairing all models of mobile phones including Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, HTC among so many others. We offer great service in just under 30 minutes and have very competitive prices for all our repairs. That said, we are also extremely equipped and have professionals who are highly versed in unlocking all types of mobile phones. We handle all types of unlocking for all mobile locks including country and network lock.

Country Lock

Some mobile phones are locked by the phone company to only receive signals from a specific region or country. The phone becomes either useless in other regions or incurs heavy roaming charges to you, the subscriber. It can only be used with a select number of service providers from the specified country. At IQuickFix however, we have the software and hardware as well as the expertise to give you freedom from this. We unlock all kinds of mobile phones that are locked by country lock. You therefore get to use other service providers in that other country that you are visiting. You do not have to buy a new phone each time you travel to different country on business or even leisure. At the same time, you do not have to pay ridiculous phone bills for ridiculous roaming charges for using your phone in another region or country.

Network Lock

This is usually the most common type of lock. Service providers offer a subsidized price on a phone, say the new iPhone 6s. For that, they automatically force you to use their services for a given period of time, say 24 months or sometimes even indefinitely. They will therefore get to bill you monthly and get a return on their money, which they used to purchase the phone from the company. If you try to change networks to a different one, the phone rejects the sim card since it is on lock. This is what is usually known as a network or SIM lock. At IQuickFix, we can unlock the network lock for you and give you the freedom to change from one network to another. You do not have to pay stick with original service provider if you find better deal or simply want to give your phone to family member.

If you purchased your phone over EBay, Gumtree or from other online sites or from the telco, if your phone has a network lock we can unlock it for you. After unlocking your phone, regardless of whichever lock was placed on it, we do not expect to have you come back to the shop to your mobile phone unlocked again. All the mobile phone unlocking is permanent. It is also legal so you do not have to worry about breaking the terms and conditions of the company that locked your phone in the first place. The company can't sue you for unlocking your phone. After purchase it ceased to be their phone and became yours and so it is rightfully your property. Finally once the phone is unlocked you can use it with any service provider SIM card.

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