Microsoft Repair

We Fix all Microsoft Surfaces for all Types of Faults

If your Microsoft Surface is in need of repair, we are the experts you should turn to for  repairs. We can fix your Microsoft Surface and return it back to its original condition using state of the art tools and genuine parts. We offer specialized phone repair service so regardless of what problem you have with your device, we will fix it for you.

We fix all Microsoft Surface  including:

  1. Surface Pro 6
  2. Surface Pro 5
  3. Surface Pro 4
  4. Surface Pro 3
  5. Surface RT
  6. Surface Studio
  7. Surface Book

We fix all mobile faults including:

  • Software issues
  • Broken screen
  • Faulty battery
  • Faulty camera
  • Broken casing
  • Water damagee


Water Damage

Although this presents tough challenges when it comes to repair, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. If you have accidently drop your device in the water or jump in the pool without taking your mobile out of your pocket. Bring it to us and we will do our best to get it working for you.

Faulty Battery

When a battery is failed it will last for short periods of time with charge and the only way to fix such a problem is to have the battery replaced. We offer original high quality and long lasting batteries.


Broken Screen

Did you have the unfortunate experience of dropping your Microsoft Surface phone? Is your Microsoft Surface screen is broken? IQuickFix can fix your Microsoft Surface screen in not time. We use genuine good quality parts and replace broken Microsoft Surfacescreen in not time. For a professional Microsoft Surface screen replacement service feel free to visit us or call us.

Why choose IQuickFix Mobile repair?

  1. All our repairs are carried out by experts using state of the art equipment.
  2. We offer 3 months warranty on all our mobiles repairs during which repair for reoccurring problem is at no cost to you.
  3. To ensure that our clients aren’t deprived of their phones for long, which in today’s world are basic needs, we offer same day 30 minutes repair service.
  4. We won’t charge any fee if the problem is way too complicated to be fixed and it is more than the cost of the device or beyond the agreed quote.
  5. Our Microsoft Surface repair services are not only high quality, but they also come at very reasonable prices hence the best combination of services you will find anywhere in Australia.
  6. The parts we use are of high quality and are therefore reliable to last for long.
  7. We make it easy for you by picking and dropping your device using Australia Post.
  8. If you are busy we can come to you to fix your phone for your convenience at no additional cost.

To book your repair call us on 1300 368 599 or Book Online.