Laptop Repairs

We Repair all Laptops

Regardless of what make or model your laptop is we can fix all sorts of problems the same day you bring laptop to us. 

We fix all laptops issues including:

  1. Broken or cracked hinges and covers
  2. Broken LED/LCD screen panel
  3. Motherboard repair and replacement
  4. Displays error or laptop freezes
  5. Overheating and shutting down
  6. Loose or broken power connector
  7. Data recovery
  8. Hardware upgrades
  9. Keyboard replacement
  10. CD and DVD replacement
  11. DC power jack replacement
  12. Memory and graphics replacement and upgrades
  13. Virus removal
  14. Hard drive replacement
  15. Software re-installation

We fix all Laptops brands and models including:

  • Apple
  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • Asus
  • Acer
  • Samsung Laptops
  • Toshiba
  • Sony


We understand the importance of data and its privacy, we ensure all our customers that we adhere to high standard of professionalism and take good care of our customer’s data privacy and confidentiality.

LCD Screen Replacement

We replace all cracked or broken screens with new good quality genuine screen at affordable price.

Keyboard Replacement

This service is provided with utmost care for all brands of laptops. With our high quality components, we give you an original like experience. If your laptop keyboard is missing keys or not working at all, we can replace it with the new one in not time.

Virus Removal

Viruses are the most common issue face by most of people, depending on the type of infection virus can make your computer slow, not booting at all or worst silently record and send your personal information including banking details to malicious hacker. If you are having a problem with your computer speed or worried about viruses on your laptop IQuickFix can remove all viruses and install a good quality antivirus to protect your laptop for future.

Overheating and Shutting Down

Over time laptops fan and heat sync get filled up with dust and the paste between the heat sync and processor lose its grip, this result in a processor overheating and as a result of this your computer may become slow or shut down its self randomly. If you think your computer is getting overheated you can install a free software to test this out. The normal temperature should be around 50 to 65 Co for most processors. If your processor is overheated IQuickFix can fix it for you.

Memory and Graphics Card Replacements

Whether you simply need to expand the memory or your laptop or experiencing memory failure, we can have it fixed as soon as possible. One of the sign of memory issue is a blue screen and complete shutdown of your laptop.

Data Recovery

If you laptop is not booting up, virus deleted your files or you have accidently formatted the drive, IQuickFix can help you in recovery most of your data.

Hard Disk Replacement

All hard disk drives have finite life and eventually they all stop working, therefore you must make a backup of you laptop onto an external storage device or in the cloud. If your laptop hard disk is dead or partially damage with bad sectors IQuickFix can replace it with the new good quality same size or bigger drive and re-install all of your application and operating system for you.

Software Re-installation

Need to restore you laptop to its original state when you bought it error free and fast without losing your personal data, IQuickFix laptop repair service is excellent choice for you. We can back up your data, restore your laptop to factory default and restore your personal data back in secure way by removing all nasty viruses at highly competitive price within one day.

Why you should choose IQuicFix for your Laptop Repair?

Reasonable Rates

Using IQuickFix you can save up to 35% compared to competitors stores and up to 80% compared to other authorized service centers

3Months Warranty

We give 3 months warranty on all of our repairs during which period you get repair services for free if your laptop encounters the same problem it was repaired for except software issues and virus removal.

Minimum Waiting

At IQuickFix we work fix in not time. A combination of qualified, experienced workforce and well-equipped center is what enables us to meet your turnaround time expectations, for some hardware problems we fix your laptop within 30 minutes.

Data Security

We know that your data is not only confidential but also important to you. As such, you can rest assured that your laptop is in safe hands.

Computer Care Tips

We provide our clients with useful information on how they can take care of their laptops to get the maximum performance and extend the lifetime of their laptops.


Best Quality Parts

We always use genuine parts if available by manufacturer or replace it with best quality parts, new parts are comes with 12 months warranty.

To get a quote or to book your repair please call us on 1300 368 599 or Book Online.