IPhone Repair

IQuickFix is experts in fixing all models of iPhones including iPhone X/Xs MAX

We Fix IPhone for all faults including:

  1. Broken Screen / Glass
  2. Liquid Damage
  3. Battery Replacement
  4. Charging Issues
  5. Network Issues
  6. Button replacement
  7. Camera Problem

Broken Screen / Glass

Broken screen is one of the most common issues encountered by many of the customers. In many cases, people broke the screen of their phones within the short period of their purchase. So there is no need to worry about as we deal with all sorts of broken screens very professionally and care. IQuickFix guarantees you the quick and expert repair of your iPhone.

Liquid Damage

This type of problem is encountered by most of the teenagers as they use their phone very rough. This problem can easily be encountered by anyone of you, but you don’t need to worry about as we have professional who tackle with such problems with ease.

Battery Replacement

If your battery runs off before time and you are having battery problems and you are at the right place because we have original batteries that lasts long.

Charging Issue

If your phone is not charging or not able to retain the charge we can fix it for you.

Network Issues

Due to some technical faults your iPhone may undergo through some technical faults, but there is no need to panic about.

Button Replacement

We also replace all the damaged and faulty buttons to provide with the feel of new phone again.

Camera Problem

The camera is one of the major uses in your daily life. Taking this into consideration, we have appointed expert technicians to solve minute and delicate issues to give you the best results.


Why Choose IQuickFix for Your iPhone Repair?

Few are the following reasons:

We Offer Same Day 30 Minutes

Taking into consideration the need of mobile in today’s world we offer our customers 30min repair the same day, so that they are not deprived of one of their basic needs.

We also offer on-site visits to repair customer phone, to make this easy and simple in this busy world, we are also offering on-site visits to repair customer phone.

We Offer 3 Months Warranty on All Our Repairs

To give you the guarantee and to make you feel comfortable, we don’t leave you hanging after the repair. We stay with and give you 3 months warranty on all our repairs. During this period if you go through the same problem than we will repair it for free.

We Pick Up and Deliver

We offer pick and drop service for your iPhone to make things easy using Australia Post within Australia. We cover all areas including Sydney, Parramatta and Granville.

We Use Good Quality Parts

The parts we use are reliable and the best of quality. Don't be tricked into someone offering you Apple orignal parts because Apple do not sell orignal parts to anyone. 

We Offer Competitive Price

Our prices are relatively cheap and the quality is very high. This the best combination of repair you could find in the market.

To book your iPhone repair please feel free to call us on 1300 368 599 or Book Online