HTC Mobile Repair

Do you need HTC mobile repair? If so, we repair all kinds of HTC mobile phone and their faults.

We repair all HTC mobile phones including:

  1. HTC U Series
  2. HTC One Series
  3. HTC Desire Series

We fix all faults including:

  • Screen replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Network Problem
  • Water Damage
  • Camera Issue

Broken Screen

Dropped your HTC mobile, you don’t need to buy new phone at all. IQuickFix is expert in fixing broken screen. We offer fast and professional HTC mobile screen replacement service using quality parts that last for long time unless you break your phone again.

Battery Replacement

Are you annoyed by the fact that your HTC phone battery is keep dying within short period of time even when you charge it full. This is because all batteries have limited life and it’s time for you to get your HTC battery replaced. At IQuickFix we use genuine HTC batteries to replace your existing mobile battery at highly competitive price.

Camera Issue

Everyone loves the high definition camera in their HTC mobile phone. In fact most people use their mobile phone camera more than any other feature. A software or hardware issue can result in your HTC mobile camera to stop working properly. If your HTC phone camera need fixing bring it to the expert in HTC mobile repair. We fix all HTC mobile phone for camera issues and let you use your phone in no time to capture and share your memories.

Network problem

A faulty antenna or other component on your phone can cause complete service failure or service degradation and as a result of it you may not get enough signal or your phone may not work completely. IQuickFix can fix all network related problem for your HTC mobile phone.

Water Damage

Dropped your phone in the water and it is not working. The first thing you should do when you get out of the pool is to make sure you take the battery out of your damage mobile ASAP if possible to minimize the damage. The second thing is to bring your mobile phone to the experts at IQuickFix to fix it for you. We are expert in fixing liquid damage for all HTC mobile phones using state of the art equipment.

Why choose us for your HTC repair?

  1. All our HTC repairs are carried out by experienced professionals.
  2. We give a 3 months warranty for all our repairs during which repair for reoccurring problem is free of cost.
  3. To ensure that our clients aren’t deprived of their phones for long, which in today’s world are basic needs, we offer same day 30 minutes repair service.
  4. If you are busy and don’t have the time to visit us, we can come to you to fix your phone.
  5. We offer pickup and delivery service Australia wide using Australia post and other courier services.
  6. We won’t charge any fee if the problem is way too complicated to be fixed and may cost more than the device value.
  7. Our services are not only high quality, but they also come at very reasonable price hence the best combination of services you will find anywhere.
  8. The parts we use are of high quality and are therefore reliable to last for long.

There you have it, several reasons why you should have your HTC device repair by IQuickFix. For your next HTC mobile repair don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 368 599 or Book Online.